Who Is Fooling Who? You Be The Judge

This podcast attempts to look at the perceptions and reality of our self-denial defined by limitation, laziness and a lack of commitment to do things right for the first-time and bring the best of our God given talent and responsibilities, without relying on "Powers-That-Be" to control our fate!

Otherwise, Pakistanians, Nigerians, Zimbabwens and Somalians wouldn't invade and take-over the SPAZA-SHOPS industry, private sector jobs and or dominate the retails streets of Johannesburg's pavements if you followed your dreams, passion and listened to your gut feel, in the process of creating your own FUTURE. 
Would they?

"If Your Believe System is negative and Dominates Your Thoughts - It Therefore Controls Your Decisions and Ultimate Behaviour Period!" 

Your government and the ANC is responsible for setting up High Dependency Syndrome Mentality amongst Blacks by allowing S.A. Citizens to rely on it "ANC" for everything in order to secure and control voters. 


Where is Democracy if You can't exercise Your Freedom of Choice?

By isaac khonjelwayo