Dominating In A Mans Driven Career

This is an interesting topic that I just thought I should write about.  I am an IT- Networking graduate; I’m currently in a learnership program at Gijima and I have become conscious that most of the students here are guys and it brought to my attention that this industry is dominated by males.

I’m just writing this to encourage young black ladies that are in the similar position as I am, whether you’re into Construction or at the Military, Machinery Engineering or you’re just like me into Information technology, know that woman are beginning to pour into management and skilled profession. Never doubt your skills or your knowledge.

Gone are the days where women were known to be at home, in the kitchen and baking stuffs. We might not be physically strong as men but when it comes to running and delegating we certainly are doing a great job!
In fact women are now directing in some of the jobs that used to belong to men only. In the beginning it’s always inflexible to get a job let alone a job that is male-dominate simply because you are a woman. 

Sometimes you have to make a statement to be recognized and not to be confused to the P.A when you’re out of the office on site, perhaps setting up a network for a company or whatever the case may be.  As women we really have to go above and beyond to prove your value, whereas men get that automatically.

Women being recognized 

Being a woman in today’s competitive job market can be a challenge particularly if you’re hoping to start your career in a traditionally male-dominated arena. Many women have successfully navigated into typical male-dominated arenas.
Personally I would like to encourage those that are dominating in a male field to keep on keeping on, don’t look down on yourself no matter how hard it gets. You were called for this and that is why you are occupying that position.This is also a note to self.

by : Tshegofatso Seochwareng

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  1. reading this made me think about my "boyfriend" and the way he passives women. he often says words to me like "Imo I'm a man and your a woman and you need to listen to me" or "Imo you look good in a dress and bare foot, pants are supposed be worn by men". notice that I've put boyfriend in brackets, it's not working out as we have different believes and as strong as I am I cant imagine being pushed around like that. these sort of mind set are growing inside the minds of man out there and its really time that women like us work on charging this stigma that is following us even in the work place.Great topic Bridgett look forward to reading more from you....

  2. We need to realize that we have great potential and we are just as great as men are work-wise. Don't let what your friend said become a seed in your mind. you are strong and great at what you do. keep it up and work hard.


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