Mzwandile The Miracle Musician - Now Admitted at Wits University

Mzwandile Khali is a prolific musician from Pimville Soweto. Self taught tenor saxophone player who eventually studied music at Funda Centre Diepkloof in the late 90's to graduate with a diploma in music. Like any Sowetan youth who struggles to make ends meet to find their feet and a stable career, Mzwandile did not give up on his dream.

He was always wishing to crack the US music market as an artist, but circumstance always posed a new challenge. I remember chatting to him about getting a recording deal with one of the American Record Labels, he was optimistic that when the time came he will jump at the opportunity.
Graduation Pending!

After two years of deliberations and nothing seemed to happen, we met at Baragwanath Taxi rank just opposite Santa Hospital; and he hit me with a BIG surprise. 

He was now a student at Wits University studying music with a scholarship obtained after a music audition that went very awesome.

A year later, we met and he had dropped out of Varsity because of family constraints and financial difficulties. Does it mean his dreams were shuttered? I hope not, but my gut-feel told me - He had given up on his will to pursue the dream. 

I was disappointed and daunted. Now as I contribute to this blog, I hope to revive him by encouraging him to continue.

Help Him Reach His Dream!
The best I could do, if he still wishes to realize his goal - was to take a video of him playing one of his favourite songs to promote his talent on this web. Maybe someone out-there will notice him, that's how people get a break isn't it?

I am going to arrange a meeting with him and will take it from there. Wish me luck he doesn't change his mind. The guy is gifted, talented and a genius, don't you think he deserves a break?

It is for this reason that the Internet can make a difference in our time zones and communication. We can all reach out to touch somebody. I really want this guy to prove his villains and enemies wrong. Most of his peers think he is a failure and he will not make it to the top. don't believe that- at all. I will also see if I can take pictures of him and post them on the blog. But above all else, I want you to listen to how this fellow plays.

For me, some of these artists are very much neglected and unknown by the music industry, because they search for talent in wrong places.

I hope this Blog will make an impact for this post, I am confident the interview with him will go on smoothly.  

Watch the interview now -click link below.

Watch This Video Below!