Joburg City Touring The Wild West Comes To Town

Have you ever been to the inner city of Johannesburg lately?

for me recently I took a drive to Johannesburg, just to see what it looks like since 1994. A lot has changed ever since the Joburg stock exchange was moved to Sandton.

Major corporations took with them the heart of the "old-sweet" taste of working in harmony with my fellow white folks. Call me "old school" I love white people with all my heart.

In my book of good tales - They made Johannesburg peaceful and buzz during the times of Apartheid. There was law and order. Organizational discipline and the maintenance of our countries' infrastructure.

But, if you go deeper into the heart of the city - crime is rive that is the truth my friends. Criminals will rob you daylight and take you for a ride.

Rather lets watch this video.
If you have issues with my perception why don't you tell your own story and sell it on eBay, instead of leaving negative comments on this blog. Your book might earn you a lot of money and maybe you can also sell your point of view to tourists visiting this country.

This is my personal contribution to the new South Africa as it was mine before 1994 and the prison term I served in solitary confinement in both Ermelo and Davel police station as a political activist.

Before you throw tantrums and start calling me names. I hope you know who the author of this blog is first. Then you can launch your debate and personal insults on your own blog, and not this one.