Monday, May 23, 2016

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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Your Deeper Motivation And How To Successfully Manipulate It

Discover how to find your deeper motivation and how to successfully manipulate it in order to achieve your goals.

Some of your goals might be achieved within a few months and others will take years. The problem with life is that even if we do have larger and more ambitious goals, we find that our everyday life shuts us off from these.

Job Seekers Club Membership Benefits: Inside members coaching! Part.2

What you’ll learn in this Private Coaching Lessons Plan

  • Introduction to Motivation 
  • How Controlling Your Motivation Can Improve Your Life 
  • The Activation of Motivation 
  • Intensity of Motivation 
  • The Source of Motivation 
  • What Causes Low Levels Of Motivation? 
  • Habitual Beliefs That Affect Motivation Levels 
  • Personality Quirks 
  • Health Problems 
  • How to Find A Source of Motivation That Is Effective For You 
  • Tactics to Increase Your Motivation 
  • Tactical Exercises 
  • Sustaining Your Motivation for Long Periods Of Time 
  • Bite-Sized Goals - Make Them Easier
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    Secrets To Crack Job Interviews Successfully

    A complete Coaching Strategy to modern interview tips & tricks

    Let me tell you in brief about my free Job Interviews coaching "Modern Interview Tips & Tricks – Before you get any more curious, secrets to Crack Interviews Successfully" actually contains?

    Here are some of the main highlights of the classes that will give you an insight to what you can expect to get when you make a decision to subscribe to my coaching club.

    Take the stress out of your Job interview! Here's your pill. You Will Learn


    • The importance of knowing the tips and tricks for interviews 
    • Types of interviews  
    • Phone interview 
    • Panel interview 
    • Lunch interview 
    • Exit interview

      Job Seekers Club Membership Benefits: Inside members coaching! Part.1
      1. Skill building to crack interviews 
      2. Tools and miscellaneous you need to have 
      3. The right resume - significance and importance 
      4. Preparing properly for an interview 
      5. What role does appearance play 
      6. Tips to gear up 
      7. Things to remember ensuring the interview 
      8. The do's and don'ts of the interview 
      9. Modern tips by interview experts 
      10. How to close the interview from you side

      and more...

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      Tuesday, May 3, 2016

      Too Far Too Near day everything is all good and together and in a spare of the moment everything that was so good and perfect turns out into a nightmare. The journey of life is full of trivia and puzzles. 

      Just when you think you know all the answers to your life's problems including your star sign mastery. Everything else changes all together.

      As if your life is farfetched from your reality, yet your breath and face is so near to be your own. Maybe, corruption and bureaucracy is what stifles our creativity to sing, dance and be a happy people. 

      Everything seems too far! Yet, too near for poor people and mass unemployed youth. South Africa is politically challenged, maladjusted and promotes nepotism and political connections. 

      It's like trying to reach for a plate full of food when you're very hungry, after fasting for 7 days. Someone accidentally tilts your plate by mistake and all the food drops down to the floor. 
      The melody of this track has this beautiful haunting rhythm that leaves you with no options, but to dance your troubles and fears away. That sigh of desperation is what this music and sound track seems to say to me.

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