Kalahari Dust

Behold Kalahari Dust is about a renewed sense of purpose that will truly define our human compassion and strength to forgive and be divine in the spirit of love and peace. Let the music speak to our souls.

Kalahari is a desert. Who wants to leave or die in the desert? Only camels can walk long distances in the desert. They have resilience and bear testimony for being a strong and respectable mode of transport in that part of the world.

Peace talks in the Middle East is about settling the dust of war and turmoil between Israelis and Palestinians. Can people really find a common rhythm to dispel a discord and disagreement in their point of views?.

The dusty atmosphere of the Kalahari will one day settle down to give rise to the dawn of a new day. Where there was despair and turmoil; finally this piece of music can bridge the gap to celebrate the spirit of reconciliation between two rival enemies.

Listen the music of Blue J. from Soweto
Kalahari dust is about celebrating our humanity and lasting peace on earth for all mankind! This track has resilience like a camel it can stand the test of time. You can dance all night long to your hearts delight. This music track will bring your heart-beat closer to the door of hope that peace will finally arrive in the Middle East.