Wake Up Everybody - There's No More Time To Sleep!


When fate ties you into a knot
You wake up feeling extremely lousy and screwed after a party.
You want to call your friends over to reverse the event
And start the party all over again from the beginning.
But your body wants to puke and sleep on it to call it a day


The point is!

The only thing standing between you and everlasting happiness is your state of mind, but your body does not understand the difference. 

A happy person does not need drugs or get high to sustain an event.

Detoxify your body and think like a child to gain control of your happy moods and thoughts. 

Indulgence is symptomatic of genes inherited from a bad pool blame it on the Sun.

By: Isaac Khonjelwayo


  1. The mind is a powerful thing. It can take us to new heights or take us down quickly leaving us wondering what happened and too distraught to fix it. If we let our minds work for us and remain positive, we can do anything.

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