A Special Dedication to Forum 5 Class of 2015

Words are sometimes hard to express what goes inside our hearts. I have been fiddling with my pen for over two weeks now. I was looking for special "Words" that describe friendship and love of a special group of students.

It's over 2 weeks now and my pen can't bring out these words. Eventually I thought I should use poetry which is more easier for me and mix it with a special music intro. If this does the trick - thanks its over and done with.

However, as the saying goes: "A picture is worth a 1000 words" my words are symbols of inner expression that only me and my students can comprehend, but won't replace the thoughts we harbour in our hearts for moments and the time we spent together learning from each other.

I am truly honored to be your lecturer and facilitator and it was a privilege to even meet and know all of you individually in a special way. These pictures talk to me everyday when I look at them. therefore, I would like to share my experiences with you!

God Bless All of You in your respective careers!

Class Pictures.1 Lecture Time!


Class Pictures.2 Doing Virtual Server Presentations!


Class Pictures.3 Preparing To Write CA for the Morning!


Class Pictures.4 Presenting The Research to His Assignment!


Class Pictures.5 The Man In-front Presenting His Assignment!


Class Pictures.6 Preparing To Write CA for the Morning!


Class Pictures.7 Preparing To Write SA for the Morning!


By: Isaac Khonjelwayo