The Typewriter That Wrote These AMAZING Song-Poem Words

Life without a typewriter is like a song without music
Life without communication is like complaining without words
Life without words is like existence without breathing 
Yet! Life without writing is like the world without people living in it
As if life without books is like living life without God's presence

That's just how I honestly feel folks!

My second writing prowess was authoring words of poetry titled Belongwritten in 1984 which inspired an American 
Mr.Will Gentry a Nashville music producer, singer-songwriter, composer and professional musician to turn them into a soft melodious country song. See link here:

Anyone who aspires to tell the world a story or attempts to save the day is definitely possessed by “The Writer’s Bug”. They need no special requirements except be “bugged” to act on what inspires their life’s purpose. 

Looking back to the years that have gone by; I find it impossible to learn a new skill today without volunteering to discover my other hidden talents and passion?

My third and most profound encounter with “The Writer’s Bug” is authoring the song-poem Key To Love” which won the 1st prize in the International Song Of The Year Contestlyrics category in 2005. See link here:

That's All I Do - Kirk Whalum

By: isaac khonjelwayo