South Africa where are you going?

Growing up in the beautiful land where we don’t quite experience natural disasters. A peaceful land that displays the magnificent invention of what art is and where art is displayed live to us, the vigorous mountains, the skies, the stunning flowers, the deep blue seas, the uninhabited countless animals, and multiracial people from different backgrounds and the African atmosphere.   We live in a beautiful country which expresses Gods love for us.

South Africa my home, one night I went to sleep and woke up to a boundless tragedy, South Africa left… I screamed with teary eyes “South Africa where are you going?” was it the passing of the greatest man who lived? Nelson Mandela? What is going on? Who will safe us now? What went wrong? As I set down to ask myself these questions.

Nelson Mandela

 I see young people not caring anymore and pointing fingers at the government but honestly speaking there is only so much that they can do. What happens onwards is entirely up to you. I once had an interesting conversation with my brother from Ghana, and he said to me,” you South Africans are spoiled, you get money to support your babies, the government provides learnership programs and internships and now free houses? 

You receive funding for small upcoming businesses” It made me realize that oh wow, I never really thought of it that way, I’m not saying the governments method of running things is perfect, but looking at our benefits as south Africans we actually can do something from it, it’s not all so bad.

I recently saw a massive mall being build and I thought to myself this part of town is being developed, as weeks went by a board was put up “China Mall Opening Soon” I was quite astonished by that and the honest question I asked myself is “how was that possible” I bow down to whoever did that because imagine how difficulty it must be to go to a foreign country and start a business as a vendor let along building a mall. We need to learn something from these people. South Africa where are you going?

Beautiful Country 
We once lived in a beautiful country but it has been taking away from us. We talk about free education but how is that happening when there is so much chaos in our parliamentary house? When there is so many things happening behind closed doors? When people are being murdered for tenders? There is so much greed going on.

Is this what south Africa has become? We have become so self-absorbed and hard hearted that we cannot acknowledge good working ethics. We are killing one another and killing our fellow brothers from upper Africa?

It pains me deeply to stand tall and say “I am proudly South African”, who can be proud of what we have become? There are a lot of issues going on, I don’t know them all and I don’t need to. Finding a solution to turning South Africa around to be what it was destined to be is what we should do.

In 1976, June 16 youth fought, blood was shared, and South Africa was dreadful and deplorable, what is our generation doing to make it accurate and driving it back to where it was initially supposed be? Where are you going? Night clubs? Drinking with friends? Out watching a movie? Stealing? Killing? Raping? We all have a significant role to play and fulfill for a better future. 

We need to help each other and not make matters worse? I never really understood the purpose of striking and damaging vital resources which you are going to need. Isn’t there a better way of doing things?
I’m only 25 and I see something awfully wrong with how things are being handled, we are so privileged to be a part of this beautiful nation, if you don’t see it then I really don’t know. It is up to you and me to bring South Africa home. Let’s make a change.

By: Tshegofatso Seochwareng 


  1. this is so true in so many ways and we need to change our mindset. if we not careful we will loose this country to foreigners who clearly have more knowledge and insight than us. honestly how can we be so ignorant to the cries of this once majestic land that our fellow comrades fought so hard to save.

  2. I support this sister's input Imogene, it seems South African I losing grip of their own sanity. Until everything goes back to normal i.e. control border inflow/outflow our resources are depleting as we speak.
    Water is one of them.


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