Dear human, when do you ever live?

Ever thought of how life is such a lovely thing yet at the same time seems like a curse? We as the human race are programmed by society and how things need to be done in an assured way. 

We are raised to believe that it’s all about the money and the hustle. Have you ever stepped out, paused for a bit and analyze what the world has programmed us with? Internet junkies, spending money on unnecessary things, wasting our lives away like we don’t appreciate this gift of life.

Beautiful life:
It was once a peaceful place when I was much younger, when life was better and you were free, free from mental slavery, free from being judged and just living the beautiful life as it should be. 

Most of us are trapped and we keep convincing ourselves that we will start “living” once I get a well-paying job, when I graduate or whatever your excuse is. Most of us do not embrace this thing called life. 

We are made to believe that if you don’t drive a certain car, or get paid a bit more; then you’re not “living”. Our life is imprisoned by society and what other people think of us.
Isn’t it crazy how we go to work, so we can afford the cloths we wear?

Money! Money! Money!

We pay for houses we spend less time living in?  
We go to work to pay off the very same car taking you there and spending on petrol money, living like we are programmed to do so. 
Dear human, when do you ever live?

Tshegofatso Seochwareng


  1. I think more people need to read and understand what you said. It very true that we are all working too hard to achieve what society says we are supposed to have and that leaves us forgetting about the things that we really need.


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