When fate ties you into a knot - What do you do?
You have a deep but, warm secret and honest infatuation for someone in your space i.e. classroom, office, church or other places.

They don't know it, see it or cannot read your hearts' deepest intent yet!
You wish they could reciprocate the feelings you possess of them in return.
They will not know; but miss the fantasy of what is cooking inside your thoughts.

The Point Is!

Our deepest secret is to die beautiful, without telling someone how much you love them for the sake of love.
Yet love cannot be postponed!
Love can only be proposed!
Love won't be explained!
Love will only be exceptional!

Most people don't want to express it for fear of being consumed by it.
It is the fire inside that burns like mire
I would rather "express it" in tears to replenish the fruits of love from the source of my soul.
I would write about it to tell stories of the journey in my world of turmoil.
Most people don't want to share it because they don't trust their feelings.

Chris used to say:

"You're better off cleaning you chest with a thorny rose, than going to a grave with your song still on".
Let love prevail - If it dies so be it!

Here is my take -
If you love someone grab them quickly before you lose them.
There is only one of each kind of you - that will complete your kind to call it soulmate
You never know what you "HAVE" until you lose what you "HAD".

Love is a gift - Take care of it when it comes your way!
It will never be the same again if you lose it carelessly.

By Isaac Khonjelwayo


  1. That's how I feel about this love business. It's delicate and must be treated with gentle care.


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