Dreams and Dreaming

When fate ties you into a knot - What do you do?
Your dreams are profoundly monitored at night and divinely recorded in sleep!
But, in daytime your actual life has twists and turns trials and tribulations of mellow to rough  hardships.
Sometimes you wonder why problems never stop, but pour like endless rain.


The Point Is!

Problems and difficulties in life do not emerge without a reason,
try and make time to seek solutions.
Answers might just be "sitting under your nose" if you care to decipher the truth.
Follow your heart to make your search easier.
Along the way twists and turns might just be the hand of God carving and sculpting you to perfection.


When fate ties you into a knot - What do you do?
Never stop dreaming until you find your true purpose.
Acknowledge and recognize that our problems to conquer and survive is only limited by the way we think and approach life.
Winners only quit when their Soul stops ticking.

By Isaac Khonjelwayo