If Nothing Changes.

Often times we find ourselves in similar situations we’ve been through before. This should mean something; either our attitude needs change or we need to change the way we think.
Change is never easy but it’s always worth it, mostly people become so immune to the chaos of how their lives are that they think that’s how it should be. No one is called to suffer.

Parental advice 
I remember my mother telling me to study hard so I can achieve the desires of my heart, to not be
depended on anyone for anything. The same goes for you, you need to step out of your comfort zone, to get to where you need to be, change isn’t always pleasant but it is vital. You can’t be in the same position in life forever you must do what you haven’t done to get different results.

 Imagine if it wasn’t for those that fought for our freedom, if blood was not shared do you think change would have come? Absolutely not, somebody had to do it, people had to lose life, and people fought and went an extra mile. We need such warriors in life, even if it wasn’t their battle and some of them are not known they took it upon themselves to illustrate how selfless we should be.

Unlimited potential
So if nothing changes, look within you and change it, grow and stop waiting for rain, become your own rainmaker and take a stand in the change you want to see. I’m not a writer, I never dreamt of it, but because someone brilliant saw the potential in me I decided to step out my comfort zone, try something new and hope to aspire the person reading this, it had to be done. Try something you have never done and see the changes.

Morals, integrity and self-respect all this have taken a backseat as visual empathy is place front. As an adult and you’re still talking about how messed up the world is and how things will never change, you have clearly been deceived by that same visual faculty you have entrusted with the responsibility to discern good, bad, right and wrong.

Talk is cheap - Action speaks louder than words
What we need is to understand that we cannot attain this without knowledge, reason and change. Failure to acknowledge this will indeed lead to much dissatisfaction.
Talking about your dreams means nothing if you’re not doing anything to achieve it. If you’re not willing to change your mindset then that’s how you will always end up… with the same results. Change begins with YOU!!

Tshegofatso Seochwareng