Is acquiring work experience more than just seeking a job?

How important is volunteer work experience if a person is looking for job prospects to enhance their CV in order to attract offers?

I know for a fact that volunteer work does expose one to work experience in order to gain knowledge for a particular job. Also, volunteer work gives one an opportunity to explore how the work environment is structured and decipline is maintained in relation to productivity and the work ethic.

Youth in South Africa do not understand the significance of volunteering to gain some work experience, besides giving back to the community should be a moral obligation for all citizens to restore our humanity as a society. I learnt how to write by volunteering for a local community newspaper.

Is the time NOT right for African Woman To Tell her Own Story?
I was always fascinated, by books and wanted to read more and more books especially biographies of successful people. Alex Times was my project to get started  as a novice writer. One of my mentors and life skills coach was Mr. Chris Coetzee. He encouraged me also to write for the Human Resources Business Magazine.

Later on in the process I was invited by "The Springs Reporter" in Kwa-Thema to write motivational articles for the same reason. This was the beginning of my love for writing as a hobbyist author.

It was a spiritually rewarding exercise and a huge learning curve to mould me as a budding lyricist and composer to winner of the best "Song Writer of The Year" in 2005 international competitions. (The Yoko Ono - Project)

I am currently encouraging one of my student who has the potential to pursue an interest in writing for pleasure. It is time African Women take a stand to tell their own story. Welcome Tshegofatso to Go Trending Events and News as a volunteer freelance author.

Count Yourself In!
Employers today are constantly looking at proactive leadership from individuals who can add value to their society by engaging in extra-mural community up-liftment projects work. CV's with experience in volunteer work get more attention and exposure than those who are less occupied doing community work. It simply puts you 10 steps ahead of your peers to open doors that where apparently shut if you did nothing about your situation.

By: isaac khonjelwayo