The Writer’s Bug – Who Should Have This Bug?

Chris was a special human-being, in fact he was my boss and a pharmacist by profession and I was an office equipment technician. This was an odd combination of talents and skills yet his business was OD (Organizational Development and Leadership Coaching).

He specialized in Human Resources Development interventions and business processes for corporations and multinational companies. His motto was 1+1=3, which means (two people of like minds can impact the world positively when they engage their common actions towards positive change).

He once said to me “Live the world a better place than you found it” somehow; I could relate to what he meant. Chris was an unconditional giver, coach, the elder brother I did not have, and a teacher, businessman, entrepreneur, friend a role model and leader to people he came in contact with. He influenced my writing, acknowledged my talent and inspired me to continue to write until the “bug” stops.

We were at the office on a Friday afternoon, just after lunch I went to sit alone in the lounge room because everyone was preparing to play volley ball. I decided to sneak out because I wanted to capture a special mood “in words” of the office staff all playing volleyball as I watch them from the balcony of the office vantage point.

(They were having fun and letting their hairs down), after all sales were good and we had all reached our targets and were fully booked to deliver training programs for the following month.

I had some fragmented pieces of paper and a pen with me and a notepad on the couch in the lounge, as if trying to put together a jigsaw puzzle, when Chris walked in. He smiled at me and shouted from the top of his voice seeing me scribble!  “Oh! Isaac has a bug.  You too have a writer’s bug?”

He continued “welcome to the world of mad and creative people”. I smiled back and obviously understood what he meant. I was trying to finish a poem that was inspired by the office staff team building efforts quietly before I could join them later-on to play volleyball.

His eldest son Shaun- walked in just before I could respond to Chris’ comment and he Shaun said “You too have the bug? – what are you up to dude?” To cut a long story short my writing addiction was now exposed and longer the secret I had kept to myself for some time.

My writers’ bug started long before I realized I had a writer’s bug. As a technician, I used to carry with me a note pad where I would scribble anything that inspired my life’s encounter with its magic moments. I enjoyed studying and observing behaviour, how and what people do in the park, street, bus stop, weddings etc.

But, also I read extensively and stocked up my library with several unique books by diverse international bestselling authors across different literature genres and subjects. Eventually I would write a poem or prose about my experiences and the thoughts that went through my mind proficiently.

This; I kept doing for fun for such a long time that it became second nature and it happened in the most remote and unexpected awkward times or moments and places, sometimes when I least expect it to happen.

It was as if I was inspired by an unseen “divine-force” to keep my thoughts in place and to tell a story, the way I experience it; like watching a movie, but in the form of words. At that time I did not know Chris was also a writer and about to release and publish his 1stbook.

This is when I was informed what the writer’s bug was all about and that I had a role and a purpose to contribute and “leave the world a better place than I found it”. This “writer’s bug” is unique to people who are creative and passionate to have discovered their sense of purpose – I am told.

I loved and enjoyed the company of the “writer’s bug” because at that time I was preparing to pursue an alternative hobby as a writer. To hone my writing skills I volunteered to write for various local community newspapers for “No Payment” whatsoever, just to get the experience and criticism or responses from readers.

Awards & Citations:
My first writing encounters were at primary school, where I won the 1st prize for Best Health Article on “Hygiene” writing competition sponsored by Reckitt & Colman now (Unilever). Everything made sense when Chris shouted “Oh! Isaac has a writer’s bug?” He too was a volunteer professional author and writer for several magazines and business publications, doing it without remuneration strangely.

My second writing prowess was authoring words of poetry titled Belongwritten in 1984 which inspired an American Mr. Will Gentry a Nashville music producer, singer-songwriter, composer and professional musician to turn them into a soft melodious country song. See link here:

Anyone who aspires to tell the world a story or attempts to save the day is definitely possessed by “The Writer’s Bug”. They need no special requirements except be “bugged” to act on what inspires their life’s purpose. Looking back to the years that have gone by; I find it impossible to learn a new skill today without volunteering to discover my other hidden talents and passion?

My third and most profound encounter with “The Writer’s Bug” is authoring the song-poem Key To Love” which won the 1st prize in the International Song Of The Year Contestlyrics category in 2005. See link here:

My forth challenge came around June 1990, were I was appointed to write for the Business Resources Management Journal. I was the 1st “African Author” credited amongst White professors and scholars to contribute business articles that deal with productivity and human development at factory floor. This initiative was engineered and propagated by Chris himself to boost and leverage my career prospects in HR at that time.

My Writer’s Bug inspired me to write and contribute by pouring my heart, to challenge and question convention; lately to do prose, journals and commentaries. This is where the bug stopped.

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So! If you do not have the bug are you considered a writer? Can you write without a “writer’s bug”? Anyone who has written and published any form of books, journals, or news paper articles must have been inspired by this bug. They must have read a variety of literature to soak themselves into the pool of self-expression.

To get the “bug” you must become a protégé of someone who (chooses you), Likes, Believes and Adores you and sees your unique and true potential. Whatever Chris saw in me I have tried to manifest that dream. He liked me, adored me and believed in me and I proved him right.

Anyone who has drive, ambition, wisdom and the 6th sense, shared vision and a passion to “Live the world a better place than they found it” will be a host of the writer’s bug. They must have the stamina to follow dictates of the bug.

Possess long-term ambition to fulfill prophesy of their “calling”, write to communicate openly and heal the world, love and enjoy the challenge. They must have a well designed plan to execute their writing vision or learn through trial and error before they can be called masters of the art.

It starts with a piece of paper and a notepad which one carries secretly to jot-down their ideas or inspiration before the “bug” makes entry to starts the attack. My understanding of the writer’s bug – is that writers and authors use it as a weapon of inspiration to tap into its source of creativity.

Empowered seasoned writers carve words-into-images; take us through landscapes of their imagination to blatantly show us of our hopes, fears and desires, permitting us entry to appreciate the unknown mysterious grand theater of our minds.

This makes for a new world of discovery and books a special place to belong to, where we can leave behind a rich footprint of our legacy’s tapestry for the next generations to build and repair their world using the framework of our past blueprints experiences.

By isaac khonjelwayo