Freedom and Choices

From The Quiet Joyful Noise

©2006 I. Khonjelwayo all rights reserved: Courtesy “The Quiet Joyful Noise”

Freedom and Choices!
are these the chains and the brains
that God grants to all blessed men
with borrowed power from above
to entertain their ego and elastic illusions?

Freedom and Choices!
to own it and to control it
is to live in it and become a mirror that
will reflect cracks in your sophisticated soul

Freedom and Choices!
to manage it or to abuse it
is to pretend you’re someone silly
like Lucifer trying to steal the judges votes
in a universal beauty pageant competition

Freedom and Choices!
are they the reigns and pains
that drive mans greed into animal instincts
rather a privilege that is reserved
for men to live right in the light of God

Freedom and Choices!
Doesn’t it steer your direction to attest
your abilities against temptation and transgressions!
to prove to other classes of people and castes
that they are wrong and you are right?

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