After The Festive Season - Money is Always Tight to Mention

It is not easy to keep finances together during the good days even when times are tough, it is almost impossible to manage it effectively without running into small debt or over-draft. If you do not have control over your finance from an early age, it will be very difficult to learn a new habit of taking care of it when you are older. 

Therefore, this will become an obstacle to begin to understand a solid concept of what it is you will require in managing it properly. Sometimes life can get out of control and difficult for you to move on forward and direct your life successfully to where you want it to be.

Get it right! First time! solid control of your finances is one of the most important key elements to living a stress free, stable and productive lifestyle. To do that, you need to understand the basics and principles of basic financial management. Money is like water, when it rains you get plenty of it- When it is sunny and hot it dries up very quickly.

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To understand the consequence of effective control of your finances you must think like a miser but act like a farmer. Harvest finance and see it when it rains, but invest it wisely when it stops raining to know it is growing; and you will always be glad you did, because come dry seasons; you will have something in the kitty to fall back on.

Money does not grow on tress!
Harvest finance and see it when it rains, but invest it wisely when it stops raining to know it is growing “– sounds like a conundrum is it?  Not quiet, I will explain it to you what I mean by this. You see we can learn from nature how to operate within circumstances, where we do not have control over natural events; but can take charge when circumstance in our favor come to change.
When it rains, we do not have control over nature to know when; it will stop raining, but it is a good thing for a farmer’s crop, as long as it does not damage the crops.
Therefore, we must collect excess rain and store it somewhere, to preserve it for the dry seasons and periods when rain is scares. 

You can save water in two ways, collect it from the rooftop or depend on the borehole. So that when you need it, you know where to find it. Only 1% of our population can afford to own a borehole a majority will rely on prayer and the grace of the Almighty for rain to come when we need it.

However, if rain fails to come, and the land is dry and turns to barren, our crops are in danger of dying because there is not enough water to feed them. The same principle will apply to how we see and manage our finances. it while you can
Now, this becomes  a catch twenty-two situation, since not everyone can afford a borehole, therefore it means you can rely on option number 2, i.e. water from the rooftop – if you had made provision to collect it from the rooftop, you to get your water even if there is no rain to depend on. 

You earn money to save it for the rainy day, so that when times get tough – you can be sure to draw a little bit from these savings

This is how you should view finance when you deal with personal money issues. You see I categorize finance in three fundamental classes, which I will explain here and will deal with each aspect individually.

Isaac khonjelwayo