Giving Your All

Most people would rather receive than give. Somehow I feel better and relieved when I give "Help"  "Support", "Love", "Food" etc. unconditionally to any person who needs more than what I have.
It seems as if giving - from a spiritual perspective, provides givers with blessings more than they can ever imagine. People who give, and those that I have spoken with; have experienced the most profound feeling that is unlike any so difficult to explain.

Give your all!

At the same time the people who seem to give also receive certain pleasures that are unique to that individual. Something like, experiencing a beautiful dreamless state of inner peace and joy.
This feeling is very special, one has to experience it in order to understand it. It's deep and personal.

It seems like also this feeling promotes good health and better digestion and more. If giving or serving others has secret divine rewards, i plan to indulge more on it because the addiction of helping others has more than what I have bargain for.

Endless creativity and problem solving is one I can explain. The other is constant supply of motivation to do more and share with the rest of the world to say the least.

Try it - you never know until you do it. Help someone who needs your support and care.

By: Isaac Khonjelwayo


  1. I think the fact that xenophobia still exists in our society is disgusting. There are bad people all around the world in every country. That doesn't mean that everyone in that country is a bad person. Rather than hate everyone for where they are from or who they are, perhaps we should look at the underlying problems that society faces and turn to social media as a tool to help us reach more people, more effectively.


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