Kasi Unemployment Survival Techniques


Township life is not easy for the poor and uneducated, although there are means and ways people and youth can find jobs i.e. create your own "self employment." project.

It is not surprising that this fellow used his creativity, put up a mask and braved the street to entertain motorist to earn an honest living. As the saying goes "there are many ways of skinning a cat than - drowning it in milk".

This guy is not committing any crime, or stealing from anyone. Therefore, we need to support his efforts and encourage HIM to continue the good work. God Bless him.

This chap is raking cash for his "Out-of-the box" thinking to make ends meet. I took this video to share with my followers, how WE can change lives by giving instead of criticizing.

By Isaac Khonjelwayo


  1. I have told many people the same thing; if their are no jobs, create your own. Even if it is just to get by, something is better than nothing and it will give them the sense of pride in knowing that they are sustainable and working.


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