Oneness Reunion Part.3

A new episode in our journey was re-established just over 5 weeks ago when I met Lazzy at Southgate and a vision to rescusitate Oneness was conceived and initiated via the “Whats-up Oneness Group”. This is Duma, Lazzy Matshaba and Nyameko Madonsela calling and wishing everyone the best ever renunion to be undertaken after such a long period.

    1. Opening remarks by host (Rames Nyameko Madonsela) 12:30 p.m.
    2. Oneness Volunteer MC anyone can do it 12:45
    3. Remember Oneness Departed Souls – Read their names and pray 12:50
    4. Oneness Members Turn “each member” to speak about their memories 5.00 min each
    5. MC moments of gratefulness (why we are hear) 13:45 p.m.
    6. Groups photo Session hugging and kissing & crying time 14:00 p.m.
    7. Refreshments and a joyful noise to chill and groove 14: 30
    8. Time up to say our goodbyes (17:30 – 18:30) back to our castles and kraals.

Agenda in action as per suggestion!