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Solution No.1 small radio talk for the millennium join me share with you other alternative ways we can help our people to grow and reach their full potential. South Africa is not the same anymore and our people have lost hope and confidence in our government. We need a new breed of leadership and community initiatives to inspire a new revolution of free thinkers to liberate our people from  "group mentality and control". Individuals who can write, sing, rap and recite poetry of discontent to voice their opinion and point of view using alternative media platforms.

Current radio stations and talk shows both private and the public broadcasters do not have enough space to accommodate everyone. Therefore, we need to stand up and represent our own ideals, be it in education, job creation, churches or religious groups or entrepreneurship we need to stand up and take responsibility for the future we want to see happen. The time is not tomorrow, but now. Use your talent to make the country a better place for those who live in it. God Bless South Africa and all people who live in it - Is the slogan for our future.

Group Thinking is A Cause for Poor Leadership 

That's why we have these podcast to find that hope. I need more people to come forward and contribute to this new force of life. To inject a new sense of direction, it is pointless for us to watch and look things deteriorate and we do nothing about it. I do not expect you to like want I say nor appreciate what I'm trying to do. I have very limited resources, but utilize my own creative ways to learn to communicate my ideas. Excuses do not make a man - only commitment changes our perspective and thoughts about life.

My point is if you keep complaining about the Government - you are not helping them find alternatives or offer solution to make them realize our challenges. By doing something about it you might be a solution everyone is looking for. So do something positive to help change our circumferences. Be proactive instead of become reactive and condemn them without offering other means to solve problems our society is faced with today.

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In the era of Apartheid we stood up and belonged to some community or political organization in one form or  another and our contribution in the struggle to fight for our freedom was not the ANC's personal battle as a stand-alone political organization. There were both inside and outside forces who contributed to our freedom. Individuals like me were instrumental and hands-on to serve time and purpose to this effect and went to jail in solitary confinement. It was this commitment and act of passion for what we believed in to get involved in the struggle against Apartheid and its injustices that made us all free today. Read this article here there are brothers who are not being recognized for their contribution to the struggle yet they made a big difference to this country.

Poets! Artists and Musician like Lefifi Tladi etc. HERE:

Why should it be different today? Together we can change people's mind by allowing them to create things using their minds to express a thought rather than perpetuate chaos through looting, xenophobia or burning tires and killing foreigners - There is more we can do with our creative talents in art, music, poetry, rap, writing and publishing articles which can later on be part of our future education system. We need to be leaders and carve a pah for change and prosperity for all. Keep listening and please share on Facebook, Twitter and Whatsup.


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